Fingerprint systems

I now get a system to record the deviation of employees by fingerprint using the latest techniques and fingerprinting.

Work to be highly experienced.

Use of the fingerprint device as the latest recording, recording, delay, overtime, days of absence, salaries, discounts, observers, records .. When you use a device to detect the presence and departure of passion for work and reliance on intellectual property rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

General specifications for attendance devices and fingerprinting

  • Multilingual (Arabic / English).
  • Access to detailed reports at the end of each period (day / week / month / year).
  • Access to detailed reports on the movement of employees (attendance / departure / absence / delay / exit before date / overtime / net working hours /
  • acations / via).
  • The program has a non-protection protection system.
  • The possibility of running the program on any number of computers at the same time.
  • Ease of linking the program with the fingerprint device via the intranet.
  • The possibility of registering, modifying or canceling any ID data for any employee
  • Manually introduce staff vacations and achieve a report on the credit of the leave and the name and the remaining.
  • Control the time the employees are allowed to enter the footprint at the beginning and end of the work.
  • The possibility of determining the function of organizations and different functional levels.
  • A special screen permission has the system connected to the fingerprint device.The issue.
  • The possibility of defining official holidays in the system and regular and casual leave.
  • Easy to handle report screen (simplified report screen).
  • Multiple types of report (daily / monthly).
  • Multiple report outputs (by list / by employee).
  • Easy to issue special reports for each employee.
  • Multiple working periods (system shifts).
  • Delete any employee’s data easily.
  • More Add new employee.
  • Possibility of extracting employee disclosure.

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