Welcome To Ideal Vision Company

IDEAL VISION is a promising Saudi firm in the field of installation, operation and maintenance of Security systems, Telephone Centrals, Biometric Systems and Networks.

It undertakes to add value to its customers’ experience, through the products and services offered to its customers, by formulating the best professional teams under the culture of commitment and customer satisfaction


IDEAL VISION is committed to share the long-term succession of its customers and take into consideration the concept of strategic services provided to be the highest professional standards and in conformity with the latest technology systems over the world in the field of:


Performance indicators

Commitment to quality assurance according to KPI’s.


Achieving a large number of customers base to translates the meaning of trust and loyalty to us.

Add Value

Add a perfect benchmark to customers in their facilities.


Commitment to continuous development according to according to OPERATION EXCELLENCE STRATEGY.


Search for strategic partnerships that add value to our competitive advantages.

Why We

When a strategy set aiming to achieve the COST OPTIMIZATION (NOT COST REDUCTION) to our customers inspite to commit the highest quality standards of our products and services and sharing the success with customers on the long-term, This is IDEAL VISION

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to be one of the best firms of the top 100 ranked in Saudi Arabia and participates in the realization of Vision 2030 of the field of CCTV and security systems.

Our Mission

Translating our goals into transparent plans in which standing on the commitment to be on the top of the pyramid by applying carefully and accurately a policy which takes into consideration the quality at beginning and end-up with customer satisfaction.


IDEAL VISION is committed to international safety standards for our technicians at workplaces which represent a base in our culture.

Our Customers

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